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NUEVIBE Near Painless Injection System Advantage


For Daily Users Ref:

  • The NUEVIBE™ can also beautify your skin. All you need is 2 – 3 minutes per day, then you will be able to easily obtain the firm and radiant skin you always dream of. The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by pressure and aging, which is the main cause for spots and loosed skin.
  • Since the wavelength of gold ions and living organisms’ natural current is the same, a slide of the gold NUEVIBE™ on the skin can regulate and balance the bioelectricity, thus promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, giving radiance and elasticity to the skin. The NUEVIBE™ is 14cm in length and weighs 80g. It’s made of brass, aluminum (The ‘T’ part is gold-plated) and uses AA battery. It’s also water-resistant, so you can use it during bath or shower.

For Medical Ref:

  • Patients – Experience less stress, can help deal with anxiety or fear of needles at time of injection & experience less pain, numerous patients found injections to be less painful when using device
  • Medical Professionals – Experience happier patients, numerous patients have changed how they feel about receiving injections after experiencing NueVibe. Experience more patients, your expertise plus NueVibe may help your practice with happier patients.